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i wrote these songs in my head and on paper with miranda costco's help
thank you
thank you
thank you
they are thoughts and shimmers from memories over the last 4 years
maybe i'll visit them again
maybe i won't
as of now they feel done


here you go


released December 10, 2015

thanks to miranda costco for her help throughout and vocals on the bonus track and to the birds on my back porch may you forever wake me up at 6AM



all rights reserved


pause pause Chicago, Illinois

g r i f f i n

pause pause & SWRDS

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Track Name: i am
i am a man
i am a dear
i am caught up
i am a fear
i am a sink
i am a win
i am a bottle of your favorite gin
i am a fail
i am a lose
i am a belch
i am the moss

i am a ghost

i am a jam
i am the toast

you are the one
i miss the most

but you are the one
i miss the most
Track Name: coffee bummer
daylight coffee bummer // a head between 2 legs
wake me up under the gutter // the soft touch of foreign hands
drinking only dirty rain // in that quiet place
will make my boyish self insane // in that quiet place

tell me not to worry
neon summer has to stay
kiss me on the noggin'
and then ride your tin foil bike away

give me what i need
tell me not to breathe
hold my eyes between your hands
feel the back of sun warmed pants

know that day was never real
pleasant thoughts
not something I'd fight for or discuss
i'd just like to sit and feel
Track Name: 2 legs
a head between 2 legs
the soft touch of foreign hands
in that quiet place
in that quiet place

a giant breath between two sighs
cannot disguise the sadness in your eyes
sifting deep within your brimming eyes
sticking to the back of skull

the brush of hand on hand
healing wounds of touch wound up
in brickle muted muscle knots

between it all
between the flames of death and age
you smile

as the sunflower's rage
Track Name: thank you
give me life
give me dark

give me tongue

spark on spark

in this section of the wood
my sex can't feel that good

touch me in the car
touch me here, but i am far
far in myself
far in you
far forever
give me the truth

i love this
i love you
i am near now

thank you